Version 4 Website Bookstore

With my June 30th post, I wrote this:  “The final reason for the bookstore changes is probably the most important — the integration of the retail and wholesale bookstores into one single store — and I’ll discuss that next.” And then I got side-tracked with the publication and subsequent book marketing of The Highly Effective Habits … Continue reading Version 4 Website Bookstore

Self Publishing Version 4

My recent posts have briefly touched upon the new website Outskirts Press launched over Memorial Day weekend, which we are lovingly referring to as  Version 4.  Is this the 4th “version” of the site we’ve had? No; we’ve had more than that. Version 4 comes from a convoluted history of enhancement-naming conventions.   When I was single-handedly programming … Continue reading Self Publishing Version 4

Outskirts Press Version 4.0 is here

Hooray!  After about a year of development, we launched version 4.0 of the Outskirts Press self-publishing website over Memorial Day weekend.   The whole operation went smoother than we expected, thanks in large part to our amazing technical team, headed by our Chief Technical Officer, Lynn. For anybody involved in website and/or softare development, you already know that migrating a large … Continue reading Outskirts Press Version 4.0 is here

Version 4 of self publishing

When I write this blog, I make every effort to avoid falling back on a topic involving my “day to day grind” because, frankly, the day-to-day grind isn’t all that interesting. Instead, I prefer for these blog postings to stay a little more strategic.  But when I’m involved in large, time-consuming and complex projects every minute of every … Continue reading Version 4 of self publishing

Apple developer program – continued – part 4

A few weeks ago I started discussing our process of enrolling Outskirts Press into the Apple Developer Certification program so we could start offering “apps” to our authors (and so we could provide our own Outskirts Press apps for marketing purposes). The posts detailed the first few steps involved in enrolling in the program, and … Continue reading Apple developer program – continued – part 4

Top 5 Outskirts Press Complaints #4

With a 99% author satisfaction rate, Outskirts Press statistically faces 1 or 2 complaints a month from our published authors since we publish roughly 150 different authors a month. This number of complaints is statistically low in an industry with such artistic fervor. Some complaints are more valid than others, of course, but I’m a writer and I love helping … Continue reading Top 5 Outskirts Press Complaints #4