Amazon Kindle demos

Speaking of Amazon, sales statistics of their Kindle device indicate that “boomers” represent the largest group of Kindle purchasers.  Theories for this range from “disposable income on the slightly expensive device” to “weakening eyesight that benefits from the flexibility Kindle affords in terms of font-size.”

While creating a Kindle edition of a hardcopy book represents a growing segment in the publishing and self-publishing industries, this second theory represents an equally appealing opportunity that, thus far, has not proven as popular — large print editions.

The median age of America (in fact, the world) is increasing. And with an increase in age often comes a decrease in one’s ability to read small print. Large print editions represent a great opportunity for already-published authors to “write it once, use it twice,” which is a motto I repeat during my speeches and presentations.   One manuscript, two books, two different target markets….