Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards

Tomorrow are the CIPA EVVY Awards.  Acronym alert. CIPA stands for the Colorado Independent Publishers Association and EVVY, contrary to popular belief, is not an acronym, but rather serves as recognition for CIPA’s founder, Evelyn Kaye. As a Colorado independent publisher, we are members of CIPA and therefore eligible to submit our books to this annual award contest, along with other CIPA publishers/members.

We select a small percentage of the total number of books we publish every year for Official Outskirts Press EVVY Nominations. The authors of those books are notified in the fall prior to the Awards Banquet. If they agree to accept their nomination, those books become Official Outskirts Press EVVY Nominees and we submit those books to the CIPA EVVY awards on the authors’ behalf.

Last year we won 16 awards, leading all CIPA publishers. Tomorrow will tell how we do this year…