How long everything takes

I’m sure other entrepreneurs can relate to this. Doesn’t it seem like everything takes a really long time? And the “bigger” you get — I’m not talking about weight — the more time everything takes.  A previous post talked about the complexities of creating a logo, for example.  So here I am officially recognizing that my re-write of Sell Your Book on Amazon is taking longer than I expected. I’m partly to blame, of course. But we also wanted to use my book to test a new indexing process.

I believe that all non-fiction books should include an index.  Of course, indexing a book is a time consuming process and, unfortunately, our price for this option has reflected that effort.  As a result, not as many of our self-publishing authors have added an index to their books as we would like, due to the additional cost.    

My first edition of Sell Your Book on Amazon had an index so of course we needed to index it again with the second edition.  Once the new edition was done and edited, we decided to explore alternate methods of indexing it in order to bring the price down for our authors.  I’m happy to report that I think we succeeded.   So in the coming days — or more likely weeks, since, as I mentioned above, everything takes longer than it should — we’ll be able to lower our indexing price.    In a day and age when it seems like all other self-publishing companies are increasing their pricing, it’s a pleasure to be able to lower ours for our authors.

So, to make a long story short, that is why the second edition is taking so long.

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