Six Keys to Entrepreneur of the Year Success

I mentioned previously that I am a semi-finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards. The next stage is a reception where I meet some of the judges.  This is as close to an “interview” as a entrepreneur gets; so like anyone applying for a new position, a new job, or sending out a new book proposal, the first step is to conduct some research and prepare yourself.

Gregory K. Ericksen has written a book about the E&Y EOY awards titled Insights from the Winner’s Circle and he identifies six key criteria the judges use to gauge a leader’s performance.  Even if you’re not up for an award, these are valuable focus points for any leader or entrepreneur and I will discuss them each in the following  blog postings.

They are:

1. Leadership
2. Financial performance
3. Management team
4. Culture, value, and Incentives
5. Originality
6. Degree of Difficulty