Self publishing services with Version 4

Over the past few posts I have been summarizing some of the differences between previous versions of our Outskirts Press website and the new Version 4 website that launched over Memorial Day weekend.  Of course, the core difference has been the availability of a la carte options and services for writers regardless of where or how they publish.  This hasn’t really affected the “Publishing Packages” portion of Version 4, however, since publishing packages have always been the core service of Outskirts Press since its inception. Very little changed here and changes that were made here were minor.

For instance, we tried to make it clearer that authors could order the entire package if they wanted to OR, if they preferred, they could start with just a $35 deposit to assign their production team members.  We also made our free e-book publishing guides an “item” that could be added to the shopping cart without cost. The other changes were mostly aesthetic, trying to make the details for each package more comprehensive in their descriptions, with more images and visual cues to highlight the advantages. In general Version 4 is embracing video and Web 2.0 a little bit more, so we created a video to highlight the Diamond publishing package and it plays from the Diamond page.  More videos like this will be forthcoming.

Next I’ll discuss changes to our bookstore, which were relatively major.