The content is the thing

As discussed previously, pricing is one of the reasons we introduced a direct bookstore with the launch of Version 4.

Another reason is so that our authors would have the same level of control they have over their bookstore listing that they have over their author webpage.  Outskirts Press is one of the few self-publishing companies that offers each of its authors a free author webpage over which the author can control, to some degree, the color, design, layout, and content at any time after publication.  Those same content changes are now reflected in the direct bookstore as well.  With the authors directly in control of their own sales copy, they are directly responsible for affecting the positive sales growth of their books. We wanted to extend that power and flexibility to the new channel.

The final reason for the bookstore changes is probably the most important — the integration of the retail and wholesale bookstores into one single store — and I’ll discuss that next.