The Highly Effective Habits of 5 Successful Authors

I’ve added a new book along the right-hand column of my blog, which is where I highlight my personal books.  This book is titled The Highly Effective Habits of 5 Successful Authors: How They Beat the Self-Publishing Odds (and how you can, too).  It was just published late last month and is a collaboration between me and 5 of our successful Outskirts Press authors. I wrote the foreword and acted as the “Author Rep” in a manner by coordinating the production of the book with the five authors being highlighted, all of whom have demonstrated noteworthy levels of success as a result of publishing their books with Outskirts Press.  Each author contributed to their respective section of the book, which also includes a “Case Study” that highlights their success (all with their permission, naturally). 

  • Gang Chen’s impressive quarterly revenue is revealed
  • Sally Shields shares the story behind her two-time appearance on Amazon’s bestselling list
  • Andrew Rafkin tells of the origin of his two-time award winning debut novel Red Sky Morning and how it led to 3 more award-winning novels
  • Ronnie Lee explains how self-publishing saved his life and how he has found the motivation to publish over 5,500 pages of text in 4 years
  • Charlotte Endorf shares her cathartic tale of overcoming adversity through book publishing and marketing

In addition to delivering motivating and inspirational stories of self-publishing success, the book serves as an example of some highly effective production habits as well: a custom cover, a custom interior, copyediting, and a search optimized title.  This also marks the first of many Outskirts Press anthologies yet to come.  I probably won’t be as involved in the remaining anthologies as I was with the first, but they’ll also be produced with the same level of care and attention and, we hope, create a new outlet in which our authors, both published and new, can share their voices with the world.

In the meantime, just click on the cover image of the new book there to the right to visit the Amazon page.