Top 5 Outskirts Press Reviews – Self Publishing Review

Outskirts Press receives a lot of positive reviews  and comments from the people we care about pleasing the most — our authors. We publish many of their comments on our website every month, but the fact is, we receive more kudos than we have time to publish. Interestingly, our most vocal critics are often individuals who have never published with us (and in some cases, have never published at all). Either that or they are competitors — hardly impartial sources. 

Nevertheless, authors are often left with the question of where to go to investigate self-publishing options from impartial, unbiased sources (rather than relying on the comments of competitors or overzealous individuals/consultants who have both a vested interest and a suprising amount of time on their hands to devote to nay-saying). 

Over the next five posts I will discuss five 3rd party review sources. 

The first review site is Self Publishing Review, run by Henry Baum. 

The site used to review the services of self-publishing companies on a consistent basis, although now has veered away from that.  It also refers people looking for reviews to Mick Rooney’s Self-Publishing Review Blog, which to date has reviewed 32 self publishing companies, including Outskirts Press.  Of course, my favorite excerpt from Mr. Rooney’s review is this: “Overall, Outskirts Press is run by a CEO with a thorough knowledge and background in self-publishing and marketing, and in a few short years they have established themselves as a leading POD solutions provider for authors. One only has to browse reputable POD writer forums in the United States to see how popular this publisher has become with authors looking to utilised [sic] the print on demand publishing option.”   Why, thank you, Mr. Rooney.

Okay, back to Self Publishing Review.  When SPR was reviewing self publishing services, Mr. Baum’s take on Outskirts Press was fairly accurate, as demonstrated by this excerpt: “Outskirts Press isn’t necessarily obscure, but it’s certainly not as well known as some of the bigger self-publishing outfits.  But Outskirts Press offers complete self-publishing services for a lower price than competing publishers: including book design, distribution, and marketing.”

The review goes on to summarize our five publishing packages and then covers some of the details of our cover design and marketing options before ending with this summary: “All told Outskirts Press is full-featured and affordable when compared to better-known self-publishers.”

As I mentioned at the top of this posting, the comments from our authors hold the most value for us, and I’d like to share one we received below:

“For over twenty years now I have had a story buzzing around in my head. Like others, I’m sure, I would read a novel and think: I can do that – even better! So I started to write this story back in 1997 after spending a week in Holland for research. I finally finished about a year ago and thought: Now I’m on my way!  But I wasn’t. I spent nearly a year trying to find a literary agent, using all the published guides on how to get one and became totally frustrated! I was rejected time after time based on a cover letter and maybe a few sample chapters (and I sincerely doubt that much of anything I submitted was ever read). I was pretty depressed at this point and then saw an advertisement for Outskirts Press in a writer’s magazine. I decided to make a move and have never looked back. Today I have a book to show for my efforts and OP has been great in helping me every step of the way. Now I start the marketing phase and I feel good about having OP in my corner. The book is beautiful and the cover image was exactly what I wanted. This is a book that can be judged by its cover! I am thankful to all of the fine people I’ve worked with at Outskirts Press.” – Frank Ridgley