Top 5 Outskirts Press Reviews – Top Consumer Reviews

Outskirts Press receives a lot of positive reviews  and we publish many of our authors’ comments on our website every month. Interestingly, the most vocal critics of self publishing services in general are either individuals who have never published, or they are publishing competitors criticizing each other, or they are so-called “book coaches/shepherds” with a vested interest in having writers pay THEM for help  (in other words, a different type of competitor).  Biased sources, one and all. 

As a result, authors are left wondering where to go for impartial, unbiased self publishing reviews.  I have been providing a few self publishing review sources and here is another, called Top Consumer Reviews.

According to their website, Top Consumer Reviews “is an independent organization dedicated to bringing you unbiased reviews of the top products available for online purchase today.  As a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, we support honesty and fairness throughout the business community.”

Top Consumer Reviews has reviewed and ranked what they feel are the best self publishing companies available today. They have reviewed the top eight self publishing firms, and provided them each with a star ranking, a la Amazon, with 5 stars being the best.  Interestingly, among the eight firms they review, which according to them are “the best self publishing companies available today,” half of them receive a star ranking of 3 stars or less.  

Only two self publishing companies receive a ranking above 4 stars, and only one of those offer services under $1000 — Outskirts Press.  In fact, our most expensive package is less than their cheapest package.

Outskirts Press receives 4.5 stars (out of 5) on Top Consumer Reviews, along with this summary:

“If you can’t afford the all-inclusive fee charged by our top-rated selection, Outskirts Press offers a number of affordable programs while still giving you a high level of service. Ranging from only $199 all the way up to $1,099, these levels let you choose which services can fit into your budget, while still letting you keep 100% of your royalties.”

As I mentioned at the top of this posting, the comments from our authors hold the most value for us, and I’d like to share one we received below:

“Outskirts Press made my fantasy a reality.  My author rep was a great help. He was very informative and gave me the support I needed.  He also helped me find an illustrator since I was writing a children’s story. I was impressed with the color layout–bright and eye-catching. Anyone interested in getting their works published should check out Outskirts Press.” – Theresa Gage