Blog voting on blog branding

A few weeks ago I discussed the ongoing process Outskirts Press was engaged in to brand all our social networking channels–or at least the ones we were active with, which were/are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and our Blog).  

In those postings I showed screen shots of the new branding for each channel as it went live.  Our blog was the last one to join the branding party.  This week, it finally got a much needed facelift.  And, to continue the topic I started a few hours ago, we posted a poll on the blog to solicit our readers’ opinion of the change.

Now, this is always tricky, because people by their very nature are often reticent about change.  So we wanted to clarify WHY we changed the blog when we asked for feedback.   That way, votes would be more likely to be fair rather than impulsively negative based solely upon the notion that “Any change is bad.”  

And this is a very important part of Web 2.0.  Web 2.0 compels companies to take more time to explain WHY they do the things they do.  There are usually good reasons.   The reasons for why we changed our blog are outlined on this posting of the Outskirts Press blog, along with the poll.  Or, I’ve included the poll here, too — Yes, WordPress allows you to duplicate the same polls across multiple blogs, and share the same results. How cool is that?