Is Outskirts Press legitimate?

“Is Outskirts Press legitimate?” This is a question we see from time to time in online forums and searches, and a question we even hear directly from potential authors. After all, as one of our successfully published authors, a doctor on the west coast, has said, “Outskirts Press almost seems too good to be true.”  He just published his second book with us.

The short answer is “Yes, Outskirts Press is legitimate,” but don’t take my word for it.  Take it from the hundreds of authors who have posted comments and testimonials on our website and on the Self Publishing Author blog.

Or take it from the thousands upon thousands of authors appearing on, where you can find over 7,300 Outskirts Press titles, written by writers and professionals just like you. See the Amazon screen shot to the right, with the total title count (as of July 1, 2011) circled in red.  Outskirts Press books are for sale and available for order worldwide every day online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Or take it from Facebook, where our legion of fans and friends outnumber all other high-quality, full-service firms. Notice I said “high-quality and full-service” so you-know-who and you-know-who don’t count.

Or take it from YouTube, where our growing number of videos, channel views, and total views outnumber all other high-quality, full-service book publishing and marketing firms.

Or take it from some of our successfully published authors, like:

  • Sally Shields, who published TWO #1 bestsellers with Outskirts Press. See her case study here.
  • Gang Chen, who earned over $100,000 in 180 days from Outskirts Press. See his case study here.
  • Andrew Rafkin, who published 4 different award-winning novels with Outskirts Press. See his case study here.
  • Susan R. Dolan & Audrey R. Vizzard, who were picked-up by a traditional publisher after publishing their book with Outskirts Press. See their case study here.
  • Ronnie Lee, perhaps the most prolific self-published author anywhere, with over 5,500 (and growing) pages of published material, all with Outskirts Press. See his case study here.

Or take it from a talented and diverse group of cover designers, illustrators, editors, book formatters, ghostwriters, marketing assistants, and other professionals who help approximately 150 Outskirts Press authors publish high-quality books every month.  These talented people (see a small sample of them and some of their family members below) receive checks from Outskirts Press for a job well done.

Is Outskirts Press legitimate?  The short answer is yes. Not only is Outskirts Press legitimate, but we publish books for established, legitimate writers and professionals, too —  CEOs, politicians, speakers, doctors, lawyers, actors, and professional athletes from the Wide World of Sports, including:

  • FROM THE NBA: NBA All-Star and “Sixth Man of the Year” Ricky Pierce, author of Bouncing Billy
  • FROM THE NFL: St. Louis Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, and Tennessee Titans NFL star Isaac Byrd, author of How to Think Like a Pro & Play Like a Pro
  • FROM THE MLB: NY Yankee pitcher Fritz Peterson, author of Mickey Mantle Is Going To Heaven

Of course, all this means nothing if YOUR book remains unpublished, sitting in a drawer or on your hard drive, so the best way to prove it to yourself is to…

Any one of those three options will start you down the path of experiencing the best service and the best quality in affordable online book publishing.