Which online service should you use to incorporate a small business?

Over the past couple posts I’ve discussed the advantages of incorporating and a brief outline of the steps involved in incorporating a small business. Now let’s do some research to determine the online service to use.  I’m going to incorporate a new company, so I’m going to research online services to help me.  But how to choose the “best” one?

It’s not unlike the process I recommend to authors or professionals when they are researching a self publishing company:  Locate a number of comparison or review sites and allocate a point system to come up with a combined value for all the firms you are researching.   This prevents any one opinion from carrying undue weight.  Do enough research on any large company on the internet and you will find unhappy campers and ecstatic customers. Who do you believe?  You believe yourself, but conducting research and common sense. So when you look at a number of sources and take a combined average score from all of them, you usually come away with a good, fair idea of the service or company. 

I performed this process for self-publishing firms to demonstrate what I mean. You can see the results of that effort by clicking here.

So now we get to compare online incorporation services. I’m going to use two comparison sites: CompareLegalForms.com and TopConsumerReviews.com.    Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happens next…