Denver Business Journal recognizes Outskirst Press as 3rd fastest growing privately-held company in Colorado*

In the category of “better late than never” I figured I would share some exciting news from July. Every year the Denver Business Journal recognizes the fastest growing privately-held companies in Colorado, based upon reported revenue for a three year period of time. The companies that demonstrated the greatest overall percentage of revenue growth between 2004 – 2006 were honored at a breakfast banquet in downtown Denver. The fastest growing company was a software company (Rally, I think), out of Boulder. The second fastest growing company was also a software company.

Outskirts Press was the third fastest growing privately held-company, which is a testament to the value our authors find in our services.   (2011 update: Outskirts Press went on to be recognized as a top 10 company by the Denver Business Journal 2 more times since then…)

Even though I live and breathe this industry every day and night, it takes a step out into the other business sectors to realize just how revolutionary (and still brand-new) the concept of print-on-demand publishing truly is. When I was speaking at the podium while accepting the award, and explained what it is we do, there were surprised and amazed looks on the faces in the crowd. “I can pull that old forgotten manuscript out of my bottom drawer, dust it off, and give it to you and actually be selling it from Amazon in about 12 weeks?” their jaw-dropping expressions seemed to ask.

Writers and authors who are already searching for a solution to their publishing woes are already well-informed about their publishing choices.

But 95% of our market remains untapped, because these are people who would never think of typing “self publishing” into Google.

* Originally posted on on August 21, 2007. To see why, click here.