Outskirts Press Comments

We receive Outskirts Press comments from authors all the time — before, during, and after publishing their books (although the majority of them come after publication). So, to offer a new perspective, here’s an email that I recently received from one of our authors who was just starting the publishing process with Outskirts Press.  With a 99% author satisfaction rate, we receive a lot of wonderful emails like this, and I enjoy reading all of them. Thank you, Steve:

Dear Mr. Sampson:

Over two months ago,  after viewing your website to explore self-publishing my book, A Guide to the Psalms of David, I called Outskirts with a number of questions such as what  made you different from, say, {competitor}. I was connected to Jodee. Frankly, I was prepared for the worst, since much of the time I engage with corporate America, I am met with “customer service” representatives who have little knowledge, difficulty in communicating,  and often a “who cares” attitude.  Within a couple of minutes, however, I perceived here was someone special. Not only did Jodee answer my questions articulately and to the point, but was courteous and patient, as one question led to another.

I was so impressed I decided that I did not really need to check out your competitors, but would use Outskirts as soon as my budget would allow it.  When I signed on, Jodee graciously consented to be my AR, and my initial impression was borne out. I cannot say enough about her  professionalism, courtesy, knowledge, encouragement, etc. in what is not necessarily an easy process for new authors.  Like the consummate navigator, she guided my ship safely into Port Production avoiding the reefs and sandbars of the publishing sea.

I might also compliment you relating to the Outskirts  “culture.” Thus, if  I call a plumber or electrician I pay them for their service, but there is no relationship, let alone one of an emotional nature. But, however other POD companies operate, with Outskirts, it appears to me a relationship does exist—on both levels. And although the author is the one who gives ” birth,” your staff are the attending physicians, nurses, orderlies, midwives, etc. And while a fee is paid for services, I sense the experience of Outskirts “attendees,” like those attending to the birth of a new-born, is very much different than installing a new sink or upgrading amperage. 

I imagine with your phenomenal growth, you personally no longer have the time to know each author individually or the details of each book you publish, but I would like to make you aware of my particular project, which is best done via the attached cover—designed by my wife, a gifted graphic designer, who worked for a number of years at McGraw Hill and designed many covers for their educational series.   

I am looking forward to working with Outskirts in what I hope will become a long-term relationship.

All the best!