Designing a Facebook Welcome Page – Part Four

Over the past week I’ve displayed two graphic elements of our new Facebook Welcome page for 2012, which incentivizes “likes” for our Outskirts Press Facebook page.  We’ve talked about the advantages of “cutting” up the welcome graphic, not only for speed of loading, but also for the efficiency with which it allows you to update elements.  This was particularly important for us, since we plan on updating the Welcome graphic every month with new monthly opportunities, perks, and events.  In fact, the top-most element of our Welcome page (the one that actually asks for the “like”) outlines those benefits:

Now, the trick to making such a graphic not LOOK like a graphic that is horizontally cut up for efficient marketing purposes is to put a vertical element into the design.  You can see the start of that element in the graphic above, that curved gold… “thing.”   Here’s the rest of that element, which runs down the side of the whole Welcome graphic:

And now the pieces are starting to fall into place. Let’s see what we have so far when we put these three elements (including the first one I showed on Tuesday) together in HTML. I’ll talk about how to do that when we get into the next portion of this series, the technicalities of creating a Welcome Page, but for the sake of this post, I’ll show the HTML tables so you can start to see how the elements fit together into a cohesive whole:


In this fashion you can also see the three blank table cells that still require graphics. And we’ll discuss those next week, which really bring the plans for our Outskirts Press efforts on Facebook into sharper focus.

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