Designing a Facebook Welcome Page – Part Seven

Here’s the last part of our first phase of discussing the Facebook Welcome page – the creative component.  Over the last six posts, I have focused on specific elements of our current Facebook Welcome page for our Outskirts Press Facebook page at  The elements were “cut up” to make for faster loading and faster redesign.  Then, within HTML, you put all the elements back together again and when a new visitor comes to our Facebook page they see this:

So beginning next week we’ll talk about exactly what the HTML looks like that forms this graphic, and exactly HOW Facebook visitors come to this welcome page (rather than directly to our wall, for instance) when they enter our Facebook URL into their browser.

But in the meantime, here’s a little known fact.  Did you know it’s not necessary to actually like a company to see their wall content, even if they have a Welcome page like this that is almost implying “Liking” them is a requirement?   If you come across a welcome page like this, and don’t necessarily want to “like” the page, but DO want to see what’s on their wall, you can just navigate to their wall from the left-hand column navigation links. 

To combat that little-known fact,  I’ll also show you how you can specifically create content that ONLY your fans/friends can see.  Stay tuned…