Self-Publishing with Outskirts Press – Naming your free author webpage

Every Outskirts Press book receives its own free author webpage. The name you give your author webpage for your book will also be your webpage’s address (or URL).  One of the final pieces of required information is soliciting this information from  you. There are some things to keep in mind when you get to the Webpage Naming screen in your Publishing Center:

  1. There cannot be any weird characters or spaces in a webpage address; only use alpha-numeric characters, although underscores _ and hyphens – are also allowed.
  2. Capitalization matters, and you don’t want to have to take the time during a radio interview to explain which letters in your address are capitalized, do you? So we recommend you make the entire address lower case.

The best choice is either the title of your book (if its not too long), or your name. In either case, it should submitted all in lower case.  Your webpage name may already be taken, and if so, our website will tell you and you will need to arrive upon another choice.

Regardless of what you enter into the box, your full, total webpage address will be preceded by our domain name. So if you enter “booktitle” into the box, your webpage address once your book is published will be

If you purchased our optional Enhanced Custom Author Website option, you will name your domain name / address for that website separately.

In the case of Fandemonium Volume 2, I submit “opcollection5” as my webpage name, making my URL because all our anthologies share the same webpage naming convention starting with “opcollection.”  The author’s webpage is launched by Outskirts Press at the same time the book is published. In most cases, it even has most of the “content” filled out automatically, because we’ve used information provided by the author during the pre-production process.  But once your book is published, it’s a good idea to look at your author webpage and see if you want to make any changes/corrections to it.  You can manage the content of your author webpage any time you want from within your Publishing Center after publication.