Self-Publishing a Book – The Production Approval Process

Once you have completed your book pricing, it is time to approve production. Your Publishing Center will display a check-list of tasks you as the author may still need to complete in order for production to begin on your book. You will most likely have completed most of the steps already by the time you reach this screen:

We also show you recommended options based upon your previous selections.  Of the three shown here, copyediting is the most highly recommended, and I added it, but it’s sitting unpaid in my cart (which is also the reason the “pay your balance” check box needs completing).

Let’s discuss the two side-by-check check lists.  In my case for Fandemonium Volume 2, according to the check-list, I have already completed the following:

  • Selecting my format and trim size
  • Completing cover details
  • Providing my interior details
  • Finalizing my option selections
  • Setting my pricing

There are three check-boxes left for me to complete:

  • Provide required information
  • Pay balance (I added copyediting, but haven’t checked-out of my shopping cart with it yet, so I’ll need to do that)
  • Approve production

And Outskirts Press must complete two steps:

  • Accept the manuscript
  • AR Approve production

More on all of these final elements next…