Publishing a Book with Outskirts Press – Interior Formatting Book Design

After you add your cover to your custom publishing package, you’re asked to select your interior formatting design option.  Since your package choice tells us whether your interior is black/white or full-color,  what we need to know now is HOW you want your book formatted. We offer up to four choices, depending upon the package you selected, and you’ll see those choices in your Publishing Center on a screen that looks like this:

The bright yellow, blinking shopping cart icon simply informs you that you have items in your cart. But that’s okay, you can check out all at once after you complete all your customization. So let’s decide upon an interior formatting choice..

For many authors, the “Standard Interior Formatting” option will suffice, and it is included free with every book publishing service we offer. Here, we take your manuscript and apply standard formatting best practices to it based upon its genre. This means whatever formatting you may have applied to your document will be replaced with our formatting, resulting in a professional, aesthetic look. You are most likely seeking our publishing experience, and you’ll get it with this complimentary level of standard interior formatting.

However, if you have any personal requests, or specific font, size, spacing preferences, the Standard choice is not for you. In that case, select the “Enhanced interior style with author input” option instead. Here, you can make specific requests for components of your design style. Our book formatter will create a custom “Style Sheet” for you to approve in advance of it being used by our designer when formatting your book. This inexpensive option can often produce a “custom” feel for a “non-custom” price, especially for non-fiction books, and it’s the option I generally recommend.

The vast majority of our authors select from one of the two options above.

The “Custom interior formatting” is a good choice for short children’s books where the per-page fee won’t break the bank, especially if they include illustrations. And since most children’s book are relatively short, the cost-per-page is a reasonable investment for a beautiful interior. Of course, any genre book can select this option, and it’s the best choice if you must be personally involved in the design of each and every page of your book or if your book has an inordinate amount of tables, charts, graphs, footnotes, etc.

If you insist upon submitting your own interior as a print-ready file, you may do so with the “Author submitted print-ready file” option, although, as with the cover, we recommend against this option for a variety of reasons. A) Rarely do we receive print-ready files, and you incur additional fees if we have to become involved in correcting your file. B) Professional standard formatting is part of what you’ve paid for, so you should take advantage of it.  Unless you’ve designed your book within inDesign, you have not professionally formatted your book, no matter how great you think it looks on your word processor.  It’s called a word processor for a reason — it processes words; it doesn’t design them.  Please let us do it.

Of course, as with everything with Outskirts Press, it is entirely up to you. Interestingly, many authors assume they’re saving us money and making it easier and faster for us when they elect to submit their own interiors.  Let me be the first to dispel that myth. It’s harder, more expensive, and more time-consuming. Why? Because each author provides a file in a slightly different way, with slightly different specifications, and almost never according to our specs. Nothing is uniform; and irregularity within production-related industries causes problems, and problems cause delays and expense. On the other hand, when we design our interiors in-house for authors, they always meet very precise specifications. Simply put, systemization like that is faster and more efficient.

Since we want Fandemonium Volume 2 to pretty much match the interior for Fandemonium Volume 1, we are going to choose the Enhanced Interior Style with Author Input Option.  My designer will send me a concept or two that she recommends, and I can make requests or changes as we work together to finalize a “style sheet” which will then be used for the final interior formatting layout and design of the book. It’s like getting a custom designed interior for 99 bucks. Can’t beat that.