Self-Publishing with Outskirts Press – Trim Size and Paper Type?

For our Fandemonium book, we don’t need a hardback version, so I’m only getting the free paperback format. So once I make that choice, I see this screen in my Publishing Center:

If you choose both formats, you’ll be making trim size and paper type choices for both (although I recommend publishing the same size paperback & hardback for a number of logistic reasons that are difficult to explain but, ultimately, may make your process smoother and quicker).

In any event, the number of trim size choices you have depends upon your package.  Since I chose the Diamond, I have the most choices (see above).  In general, the 6×9 size is the most popular for our black/white packages. It is available in both paperback and hardback and is the size I generally recommend. Smaller trim sizes force higher page counts (and with POD printing costs, every page counts), and larger trim sizes are more expensive to ship (fewer books per box).

As far as hardbacks are concerned, generally speaking, black/white books should get the dust jacket and color books should get the laminated case bound.

As for paper type, the most popular paper is the off-white (cream-colored) paper with 30% post-consumer recycled materials. This is the paper type to get unless your selected trim size doesn’t offer it OR unless you have images in your book. If you have any images inside your book, get the pure white paper. Your images will print better. This is why our full-color Pearl package only offers pure white paper.

For Fandemonium Volume 2, I choose the 6 x 9 off-white trim size and paper choice, and then click the ADD TO CART button to add my format, trim size, and paper type to my package. The cost is $0.