Self-Publishing With Outskirts Press – 5 Steps Toward Production

Once your payment has been successfully received, click “Press to Continue” on the big, green “Successful Payment” screen to see the 5 Steps to Production page:

This screen outlines the pre-production steps you will be completing in order to approve production to begin on your publication. Since for the example of this walk-thru, I am publishing Fandemonium Volume 2, I know from this screen that my 5 steps are going to involve:

  • Choosing the book format (paperback, hardback, or both) and the trim size
  • Customizing my cover design and my interior formatting
  • Selecting any production options I want
  • Selecting any marketing options I want
  • Confirming the submission of all my materials (like my actual manuscript), setting my book pricing, and approving production.

I also correctly presume that since only Step One is in color and clickable on the screen, that I’m going to be completing my pre-production steps in the order displayed here.  Our easy and fast online process will walk me through each step in turn. So without further ado, I click on Step One to get started…