The Self-Publishing Pre-Production Process at Outskirts Press

Publishing our 2nd annual Facebook anthology, Fandemonium Volume 2, provides a great opportunity to walk step-by-step through the entire publishing process with Outskirts Press from start to finish.  That way, new authors who are considering their publishing options can see first-hand what the online experience is like.  And since I’m not only the CEO, but also a writer, I can also use this opportunity to share some “best practices” and suggestions that will help writers who read this series of posts better navigate our book publishing website to get the most “bang for their buck.”  I happen to have some “insider-hints” that can serve the savvy author well.

I will cover two phases of the publishing process in two separate series:

  • Pre-production – the part of the process leading up to clicking the “I APPROVE PRODUCTION TO START” button.
  • Production – the part of the process after Production Approval and leading up to publication.

So… onward to the pre-production process: