A Tale of Two Custom Covers: A Self Publishing Author’s Reaction

After seeing her two custom covers, Ellen wrote me this email (after all, I’m just an email away for our authors), which she gave me permission to share:


Since I was quick to yell for help a few weeks ago, I thought it only fair that I also yell to shout Congratulations and WOW!  I received my two options for the cover of my book: Tales of a Lion from Jennifer Rush on Thursday and I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!  When I think about the possible cover I threw together and what I am being presented with now, I have to wonder – What was I thinking????  Your team is fabulous!!!!

Incidentally, a sequel is planned for this book.  I would like very much to use both of these – particularly since I can’t decide between them now.  Don’t know how that would work out…or if it is even permitted.  The sequel will be entitled:  The Lonesome Wail of the Lion’s Roar.

In between times, I will complete what I am writing now:  Wish List….which I would like to have Outskirts publish as well.  I am targeting a handover to Outskirts sometime January 2013.  That will leave me writing the sequel during 2013 and publishing that no later than January 2014.

I hope I can use the second option of the cover!  Mostly, I just wanted whoever did these to know how very much I appreciate their work.

Excellent Job!


And yes, we arranged for her to secure BOTH custom covers, one for her first book and the other for her sequel.  Another happy ending for another Outskirts Press author…