Facebook Production Achievement Awards for Self-Publishing

Last month I discussed the first category of our Facebook Self Publishing Achievements with Outskirts Press, which began with this posting in which I revealed all five categories, all 20 awards, and some planned awards for the future.

The first category are the Production Milestones. The second category are the Production Achievements.

Unlike Production Milestones, it is possible to completely publish a book without receiving one single Production Achievement Award; although, since both the highly recommended custom cover and professional copyediting options earn Production Achievement Awards, it’s not recommended.

In fact, quite the contrary. It would be in almost every author’s best interest for his or her book to earn EVERY Production Achievement Award with each publication, since these achievements help identify the specific production options that can literally make or break a professional, high-quality publication.

The exception to this is the Achievement Award for custom illustrations, since many books don’t require that particular service.  But otherwise, every author would be well-served to sweep the Production Achievement Awards category by getting the awards for Custom Cover, Copyediting, and Enhanced/Custom interior.