Knowing other writers can motivate you

I’m writing this blog posting on November 3, and then I will schedule it to post on the morning of November 4th. I often do this so that my blog postings can appear early in the day, and I’m never quite sure what my actual schedule will be each morning.

I mention that I’m a day early because this post involves my NaNoWriMo buddies, and specifically, just how many words THEY have written in only two full days of NaNoWriMo.  It’s humbling, but also inspiring.

My first “buddy” on NaNoWriMo was one of the local community administrators, which is probably a volunteer position, and is held by a long-time participant of NaNoWriMo. I can see from looking through her past history on NaNoWriMo that she joined in 2007 and in that year, she wrote over 100,000 words (twice as much as required)!  Now THAT is impressive.  Even more impressive is the fact that she has participated every year since then, and has written 50,000 words EACH AND EVERY TIME!  And she’s already up to 22,000 words in 2014, after just 2 days.  Makes my 2-day word count of 4,500 seem like nothing.  Okay, so it’s humbling, inspiring, and just a tad bit annoying, too.  I wish I were at 22,000 words already. Ahh, what a feeling that must be.

My other buddies aren’t quite as “annoying”, but still inspiring. After two days, a member from 2008 has 6,300 words; our Exec VP from Outskirts Press (who joined NaNoWriMo in 2012) has almost 10,000; and two new WriMos, both from 2014, have 2700 and 9100, respectively.  On the other side of the equation, I have a number of NaNoWriMo buddies, new this year, who haven’t registered any word counts at all yet… Hopefully they’re reading this blog, as I have invited them to, and finding the inspiration they need to upload their first word count totals and get “some skin in the game.”  As I’ve mentioned previously, falling even one day behind can start to make the “hole” insurmountable.

But the point of this posting is that knowing other writers and following other writers can offer inspiration and motivation to you as a writer, and this holds true even outside of the small (and short) NaNoWriMo universe.  If you have a favorite author who is currently still putting out work, odds are that he or she is “on the Internet” in some form or another, either on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or Tumblr.  Today’s market savvy authors know how to leverage different social media sites to grow their market, engage their audience, and build their platform as writers.  If you haven’t yet done that, today is a good time to start, and the first step is by finding a writer you admire and “following” them on one or more of their social media outlets. Perhaps they will do the same, and all of a sudden, you’ll find yourself using social media to broaden your reach as a writer.

At Outskirts Press, we have many authors who are taking great advantage of the Internet to market and sell their books, and tomorrow I’ll talk about one in particular…

On a final note, after three days, I finally earned my 5,000 Word Count Badge by passing the 5,000 word milestone.  Woo hoo!   And my daily input is very close to my personal goal of 2,000 words each day. Hopefully I can keep that up.

My Daily Stats for November 3 were:

Average Per Day 1989
Words Written Today 1459
Target Word Count 50,000
Target ~ Words/Day 1,667
Total Words Written 5967
Words Remaining 44,033
Current Day 3
Days Remaining 28
At this rate, you’ll finish November 26
Words/Day to finish on time 1,573