Lowest word count yet

Wow, yesterday’s word total update for my book, Idle Hands, was the lowest yet. Only 480 words!  I felt positive I was going to earn my 10,000 word Writing Badge yesterday when I started the day with over 9,000 words, but other responsibilities took over and I was “lucky” to contribute any words to the cause.

Sadly, this makes my Stats for November 6 the worst yet. This is the first time the stats are estimating that I finish my book AFTER the November 30th deadline. Ouch.

Average Per Day 1607
Words Written Today 480
Target Word Count 50,000
Target ~ Words/Day 1,667
Total Words Written 9645
Words Remaining 40,355
Current Day 6
Days Remaining 25
At this rate, you’ll finish December 2
Words/Day to finish on time 1,615

I better pick it up!  Perhaps a way to do that is to look at my writing buddies for inspiration. At the time I was uploading my sad, sad 480 word count, for a new total of 9645, some of my buddies had word counts ranging from 8710 to 33,322.  And that’s not even including one of my buddies who has ALREADY written over 50,000 words.  I checked her author website and her goal was to write 50,000 words in 5 DAYS!    Now that is impressive, and inspiring.

I also remembered that I’m supposed to add an excerpt of my book to the NaNoWriMo, so I submitted this from chapter one:

      She was beautiful. I had admired her from afar for far too long and now here I was standing right next to her. I hadn’t spoken yet. I was just… taking her in. Her aura. Her curves. Her style. The way she seemed to shine in the light. She was flawless. It may sound crass to say, but I longed to be inside her. (I loved that smell!)  Hearing the noises she made when I pushed her hard and feeling the way she gripped; my mind reeled. She was definitely my fantasy and someday I was going to have her.

      “She’s a beaut, isn’t she?” the Porsche salesman said as he approached from my left.