If you liked the Pearl publishing package…

… Then you’re going to LOVE our new FULL-COLOR publishing package!

One of the most gratifying and rewarding aspects of working at Outskirts Press is helping authors fulfill their dreams of being published. I am constantly amazed at how prolific our authors are. I’m a writer myself, so I know how challenging it is to write just one book, much less book after book after book.  But that is exactly what so many of our authors do — they write (and then return to Outskirts Press to publish) book after book after book.

Of course we enjoy helping new clients realize the joy and satisfaction that comes from successfully publishing a professional, high-quality book; but returning authors are the cornerstone of our business and we always want to give them as much help and support as possible.

That’s why I’ve created this little table below that compares our new Full-Color publishing package with our old, discontinued Pearl Full-Color package, side-by-side.  As you can see, we made a great full-color package even better!

  • More free image insertions
  • More free galley round revisions
  • More free cover themes specifically for children’s books
  • More publishing tips and marketing tips
  • Better, thicker, higher-quality paper for the Economy printing option

Before I get to the table, let me expand on our two printing options, the “Standard” and the “Economy” both of which are freely available with the Full-Color package.  The “Standard” printing is anything but standard. In fact, we tossed around the idea of calling it “premium” because that’s what it is.  But we also wanted to communicate that it was our default (ie, standard) quality of printing.

The “economy”, on the other hand, is not quite as good as our standard (although most general readers would be hard-pressed to tell the difference).  But do you know what IS good?  Publishing a 100 page full-color book for ALMOST the same retail price as a 100 page book in black/white.  Such a feat is nearly unheard of in the print-on-demand world, and that’s exactly the kind of pricing flexibility available to all our authors at Outskirts Press.

Let’s take a look at a specific example:

A 100 page, 6×9 black/white book can have a retail price of $9.95 with our Ultimate black/white publishing package. The author can receive $2.38 in royalties (yes, even WITH worldwide distribution and availability!)

That’s already amazing, and one of the main reasons so many authors publish with Outskirts Press and keep coming back for more.

But what about a full-color book?  A 100 page, 6×9 full-color book  with our economy printing option can have a retail price of $12.95 and the author can receive $2.55 in royalties (again, even with worldwide distribution and availability!).

Yes, a 100 page full-color book for $12.95! Those numbers beat many of our competitors’ black/white pricing.

If that’s not compelling enough, this week we are offering an instant $250 savings on our new Full-Color package.  Click here for all the details about this week’s promotion.

Or scroll down this comparison table to see how our Full-Color package has improved upon the Pearl package in just about every way.

Benefits, Options,
The New Full-Color
The Old Pearl
Format & Trim Choices
Standard Interior Full-Color Book Formatting
Standard or Economy Level Printing Yes on 70 pound paper Yes on 50 pound paper
Customizable Cover Themes
Customizable Cover Themes Specifically for Children’s Books
Optional Custom Cover Design
Cover Printing Styles Matte or Glossy Glossy
ISBN & Price-Embedded Bar Code
Free Image Insertions
Free Galley Revision Rounds
Marketing COACH Emails
Specifically for full-color books
Tip Sheet: 5 Do’s & Don’ts for Formatting, Grammar, and Spelling Yes No
Tip Sheet: Author Photo & Biography Guide Sheet Yes No
Tip Sheet: 7 Highly Effective Rules for the Perfect Book Title Yes No
Tip Sheet: Best Practices for your Author Webpage Yes No
Tip Sheet: Top 15 Steps for Marketing Your Book Yes No
Tip Sheet: Navigating the Social Media Jungle Yes No
Publication Certificate Yes No
Exclusive Publication Kit including Book Launch Calendar Yes No