Self Publishing for Speakers and Coaches

Today I’m in Atlanta to attend the National Speakers Association “UNconference” through Sunday, and also to announce the introduction of our new One-Click Publishing for Coaches & Speakers package.

When Outskirts Press first started in 2002, we focused only on providing high quality publishing services.  That focus served us well for a while. Of course, there was less awareness of self-publishing firms back then, and less competition.  Through the years, the number of authors becoming aware of self-publishing as an option has exploded, and so has the number of self-publishing competitors trying to help those writers.

As our number of published authors grew into the thousands, many of them began asking for and requiring some level of marketing assistance.  Since I’m a writer, I knew the marketing tactics I was pursuing personally; I knew which ones were successful and which ones weren’t.  So we started adding marketing services and products to help support our authors after publication.   We now offer the largest number of post-publication services in the industry, and often at prices that are literally thousands of dollars less than some of our other competitors.   In fact, our marketing support has become one of our largest competitive advantages in this competitive landscape.

Last year, with the launch of our Version 4 website, we began offering many of these marketing services to authors even if they hadn’t published their book with Outskirts Press.  Of course, we always give authors who DO publish with Outskirts a discount, as an additional incentive to encourage them to do ALL their business with us (as if our ever-growing rave reviews aren’t enough).

And now, with the launch of our first “One-Click” package we are taking the natural step to combine our top-tier publishing service (the Diamond) with a selection of marketing services specifically tailored toward a particular category of author.  In this case, with our first One-Click package, that target audience is speakers & career coaches — in other words, busy professionals with platform-driven non-fiction who plan to support their professional careers with book publication.  We have already published many, many professionals who fall in this category, so this new package draws upon that experience and provides a very fast, high-quality service for this market.

Needless to say, we’re very excited about it.  I’ll discuss this package (and other packages coming up in the “One-Click” line) more next time…