Self Publishing Videos For Your YouTube Channel

Once you have your YouTube channel set up the way you like it, the challenging part for most self-publishing writers (or anybody, really) is to add content to the channel — i.e., videos.    It doesn’t have to be difficult. There are five basic ways anybody can add video content to their channel for the purposes of book promotion, company promotion, self promotion, and search engine optimization. I will discuss these methods over the next five posts.

The first method is to have a video actually created by a company. This is also the most expensive method. Outskirts Press advertises on television networks like History Channel, The Learning Channel, National Geographic, HGTV, and the Biography Channel.  So we produced a television commercial for the purposes of television advertising.   Due to tracking purposes (the procedure by which we determine the source of our new clients/authors), we didn’t add our television commercial to YouTube for quite a while.  But, once the initial television campaign was complete, we added the video to our YouTube channel and now our website visitors can also see our “As seen on TV” spot from our website:

If producing a television commercial/video is not an option, there are four other methods for adding content to your YouTube channel and I’ll discuss those options next…