Writing Services

Professional Copyediting – Starting at 1.4 cents/word

If you want to publish a high-quality book, you simply MUST edit your manuscript. Even if you plan on publishing your book traditionally by submitting it to a conventional publisher or to an agent, you really should have it edited before you submit it. And even if you plan to self-publish it, you really should have it edited, too. No one will take your book seriously if it is riddled with errors. Click here for more details.

Custom Full Color Illustrations
– Starting at $199

Award-winning illustrations are often the difference between a good book and a GREAT one. With our amazing variety of illustration packages, you can be confident that your illustrations will be completed and you never have to split your future royalties with the artist. Click here for more details.

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Book Ghostwriting
– Starting at $999

Do you need help finishing (or starting) your manuscript? Let us do the work! Outskirts Press makes it easy to write a book with the amazing and convenient Ghostwriting option! With a down-payment, you can begin the Ghostwriting process with a professional writer. The final fee/price will depend upon your book.