Amazon Blog and Embedded Videos

So here’s summary of the results of our little Amazon blog test from yesterday. I have my Amazon blog picking up my RSS feed from my WordPress blog at – and yesterday I embedded a video from YouTube into the blog, which always appears fine in WordPress — I love you, WordPress — but as we saw in yesterday’s blog, it was handled a little differently by Amazon. Instead of embedding the actual video which streams from YouTube, Amazon places a thumbnail image representing the video along with a link to the original blog source. From there, you can watch the actual video.

I guess that’s not SO bad, in the overall scheme of things. I would rather people read my version of the blog anyway, because it contains other elements not present in the RSS version, like the images along the right, the additional SEO tactics, and the menu bar along the top.  I’m only “using” Amazon to try to attract traffic, so if Amazon would prefer to send that traffic to the original source so nice and kindly, that’s fine with me.

For those of you paying attention, you will also notice that WordPress automatically linked to my domain name when I added the www in front of it, but failed to automatically include a link when I just entered — so while referring to the “www” in today’s Internet nomenclature has become passé, there is still a cause for it in some places.

Thank you, Amazon.