Titling your blog postings

The third titling opportunity for optimizing your blog is the headline used for each specific blog posting. This one is a tight-rope act. You want to optimize your posting headline for search engines, but you also want it to serve the purpose of accurately identifying the content/topic of the specific post.

For one of our other blogs, at Self Publishing News, one of my requirements for the headline titles is that they contain either “self publishing” or “self published.” One of my purposes with that blog is to establish it within the circle of “self publishing” sites that appear from that specific keyword search. The downside, of course, is that having such a mandate prevents the headline from being as applicable as it otherwise could be. Which is better? Who knows… So I’ll do an A/B test with that blog and this one to learn the answer to that question. These posting headlines, at least so far, have been more subject-applicable than search engine optimized.

Do you see how I linked “self publishing” up there to Outskirts Press?  “Self Publishing” is the most valuable keyword term for our self-publishing book company, and Google’s search engines particularly like to see applicable search terms that are linked to the applicable website.  Blogging is all well and good for creating a platform for your career, but the blog, in and of itself, probably isn’t your (or your company’s) sole presence on the Internet, so it is important to “link” the two, and when doing that, you might as well link them in a way that is most conducive to search engine optimization.

When mousing-over the link, without clicking on it, you may also notice in the information bar (at the very bottom of your browser) that I’m using a tracking code with a tag. In this case, the tag is “BrentBlog” – and when I aim links from this blog to Outskirts Press, I try to remember to add that tracking code, which will allow us to analyze the quality and quantity of the traffic we receive on Outskirts Press that originates here.  Ultimately, those statistics allow me to justify my time-expenditure on this endeavor (or prevent me from being able to justify it) to our Board of Directors.  If links originating from this blog are following to Outskirts Press, and registering for free publishing information, and then, ultimately, quality book publishing, I’ll be able to establish that this blog has a true value, rather than simply a perceived one. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to engage in activities that only have perceived values.

Isn’t that nice? I’ve just established my “exit strategy” to this blog, so if it “stops” in the future, I can blame it on my Board of Directors.   “Blaming the Board” is a CEO’s most valued– albeit least publicized — prerogative.