Speaking of HARO and Haiti

In my last post I praised an online service called Help a Reporter, and no sooner had I pushed the “Publish” button on that post when I was contacted by a New York reporter for my comments on the self-publishing industry who also found me — or I found her — thanks to HARO.

Naturally, I have a lot of things to say on the topic of self-publishing, and was only too happy to provide her with some publishing success stories when she asked.  Like, most recently, Mr. Craig Juntunen, author of Both Ends Burning: My Story of Adopting Three Children from Haiti. 

In the wake of the catastrophe in Haiti, Mr. Juntunen’s book has led to numerous radio and television interviews, increasing awareness of not only his book, but also his noble efforts at Chances for Children where Mr. Juntunen is the Chairman.

I called Craig yesterday to ask how Outskirts Press could help him.  We weren’t alone.  The NBA basketball team Phoenix Suns were already parterning with Craig and Chances for Children, and Craig alluded to some preliminary interest from both the Oprah and Larry King camps.

Mr. Juntunen published a book with Outskirts Press to share an inspiring message with the world.  He is well on his way and his royalties go toward his cause.   Let’s all support his efforts and the on-going relief efforts by making a donation either at the American Red Cross or through the Chances for Children website.