The trouble with blogging – part three

Another trouble I have, personally, with blogging (and with social media in general) is that I simply don’t have the time to invest in many of the elements that are required for any such endeavor in this arena to be successful — and that is the “social interaction” part. 

For blogging, that involves reader comments.  I think many blogs are popular because readers have the opportunity to voice their own thoughts and participate in the discussion.   And that, in turn, breeds more readers because the blog becomes more three-dimensional in nature as readers get a chance to a) read the original post and then b) participate by adding their own two-cents worth.

Currently, I have the comments disabled because, honestly, I’m still deciding what to do.  Am I deciding whether I think comments are good or bad? No; of course they are “good.”  But I’m trying to determine if I can “do them justice.”   I don’t want to allow comments and then come across as a “jerk” when I don’t have the time to respond to them. It all comes down to time and resources.  I’m writing this particular posting on December 17 at 2:01 in the morning.  By the time it appears on my blog a month later, my mind will be well onto other things.  Part of the advantage of WordPress (and one of the reasons I didn’t stick with my blog on blogger) is because this platform allows one to schedule blogs in advance. 

But if I then have to “revisit” this blog on January 18th, 19th, and 20th, to read and respond to comments that have been posted, that kind of defeats the efficiency I’m going for.

One could argue that means I’m not a good candidate for blogging at all, and there’s a lot of validity in that argument.  All three of my “the trouble with blogging” posts support that very argument.

But, here I am doing it… nonetheless… for as long as I can… Will my lack of comments “kill” the blog? Or will I turn comments on at some point and either bite that time-bullet myself or delegate the process of comment-moderation to someone else? Only time with tell. Speaking of time, it is in short supply.  And now it’s 2:04 am.

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