2010 Inc 500 Applications

Speaking of awards,  Outskirts Press has completed its application for the 2010 Inc. Magazine Fast 500 Awards. Last year we placed #268 on the list with a three-year revenue growth of 850.5%.  The Inc. Fast 500 recognizes the 500 fastest-growing private companies in America.

As you consider whether or not your company should apply, there are some eligibility requirements:  In order for companies to be eligible, your 2006 revenue needed to be at least $100,000 and your 2009 revenue needed to be at least $2 million.  There is a $100 application fee, and the application (including revenue verification) takes a little bit of time.  You can apply at the Inc. website.

It’s unclear whether your customers will truly consider your Inc. 500 standing very important because, like most things, importance is connected with awareness, and the Inc. 500 list is marketed to — in other words, “in front of” — other business owners and entrepreneurs more so than it is “in front of” your customers — unless your customers ARE entrepreneurs, of course.

I mentioned in a previous post that writing and publishing a book is a great way for business owners or entrepreneurs to establish expertise and market a company, so in that respect, our specific Inc. 500 ranking among other fast-growing companies might be important to some potential new writers.   But like all awards you might win, what becomes more important is what you do with the recognition once you achieve it  — how you market that success to your potential customers. And I will discuss that more as we continue the examination of how marketing a book is similar in many ways to marketing a company…