Picking the Best Book of the Year Award winner

From among the three Best Book of the Year finalists – which I blogged about last time – the winner is determined. Here’s the fun part: It’s up to you who wins.  Well, more accurately, it’s up to everyone. And it is especially up to the three finalists themselves.

Each finalist will be showcased in our newsletter and throughout our social networks.  Then an open vote will take place to determine the ultimate winner of the Best Book of the Year Award and the $1,500 prize.  Everyone can vote, and everyone can see how the votes are falling.  The authors themselves have a great amount of control over their own destiny since they can call upon their marketing prowess to get friends, family members, and associates and all members of their social network circles on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn to vote.  You know, these are the same people authors often contact about buying their books.   So, in essence, we have tried to establish an Award that not only rewards a talented writer, but recognizes a talented marketer as well.

We would like to continue to hold this award each year. Only time will tell. Just like any Hollywood executive will tell you, green lighting the sequel always depends upon the success of the first one.