Blogging Advise

Yes, I realize I’ve improperly used the word “advice” in the headline for this blog posting: “Blogging Advise” and here’s why I did it:  “Blogging Advise” is second in Google Search Suggestions, which means I’m not the only one putting the “s” instead of the “c” when looking for blogging advice.  It is apparently a fairly common thing to do. So when all those people are looking for “blogging advice” and they enter “blogging advise” into Google, there’s now a better chance that MY blog will appear higher in the search terms.  Do those people care too much about the contextual meaning of “advice” vs. “advise?” I doubt it.  They probably care more about getting what the are looking for, which is not a grammar lesson.

So, I’ve already given one piece of advice, which is, when it comes to blogging, it benefits you to title the subject of your blogs according to what people are actually searching for, and to use the terminology (and yes, even the actual spelling) of what they are typing into the search engines. 

I have a love-hate relationship with Google Search Suggestions, which I’ve discussed at length on this blog in the past, so I won’t reiterate it here, but instead, still coming up later today, I will mention another piece of blogging advice I gleaned from the recent webinar from the Social Media scientist, Dan Zarrella…  As you can see from these shorter, multi-day posts, one of his pieces of advice was to post multiple times throughout the day. So I’m continuing to do that. Another is to post on days of the week according to your objectives for the blog…