Best Book of the Year votes – update

Last time I mentioned I would discuss some of our award-winners. First and foremost is the current poll for the Outskirts Press 2010 Best Book of the Year award.  The polls are open through the end of this month and then we’ll crown the winner. It’s a close race! As I write this, Frank and Doris are dead-even with 48.43% each.  That’s impressive, and speaks directly to each of their respective marketing efforts.  Doris started strong out of the gate, capturing in excess of 60% of the votes when the polls first opened on the 15th.  In the days that followed, however, Frank launched what appeared to be an effective marketing campaign of his own and brought his total percentage above Doris’ for a few days.  Now they’re neck and neck. What would be really interesting would be to ask them what marketing tactics they are pursuing. Hmm… we might do that, at least for the winner once the polls closed.   It might shed some valuable information on “platform building” for other writers.  Following in the footsteps of successfully published authors is part of what we embrace at Outskirts Press.

Watch the polls and vote for your favorite here (yes, WordPress allows you to share polls across multiple blogs — cool, huh?)  For details about the three finalists, visit the Outskirts Press Blog.