Congratulations ForeWord Book of the Year Finalists 2010

When comparing the finalists in the ForeWord Book of the Year Awards (not to be confused with our own BEST Book of the Year Award — I know, it’s confusing), Publishers A, U, and X are a little more competitive – but not by much when you consider that jointly, these three competitors (all operating in one office with the same personnel) publish roughly 1,000 books a month or more.   Publisher X has one finalist and Publisher A has 5. Publisher U has 21.  But then again, Publisher U published over 3 times the number of books we did at Outskirts Press, so from a statistical standpoint (and that’s really all success is,  a matter of statistics), Outskirts Press stands out as the most award-winning publisher among the five major self-publishing firms.  Yes, yes, there are three other companies that could be considered “major” based solely upon the number of books they publish a year, but not one of them has a single Book of the Year finalist. And all that is a long preamble to congratulating our own ForeWord Book of the Year finalists from Outskirts Press, who are: