How to Apply for Apple Developer Certification – Part 1

Outskirts Press has some exciting products in store for the near future, including an Ipad/iBookstore edition and an “Author App” which will offer authors the opportunity to add a personal iPhone application to their marketing mix.  We’re also working on a free Outskirts Press application which should be ready relatively soon. And we’re in preliminary development for a mobile version of our website.

Well, all of this requires some ground work with Apple, and to be honest, it’s kind of a big pain in the butt.  Apple appears to be buckling under their own popularity.  Approval processes that should take days end up taking weeks.  But, be that as it may, if you’re motivated to become an Apple Developer, there are certain things you must do. And here they are:

HOW TO Create an iPhone Developer Account (IOS)

1. Register as a new Apple developer at

It will ask you if you are a new developer or an existing developer, and ask you to further define your intention with Apple. This is pretty easy.

2. Confirm whether you are an individual or a company

Individuals get approved faster. Companies usually have to submit some form of additional documentation to prove they are a business. In our case, Outskirts Press submitted our Articles of Incorporation to Apple.

… more to come next time…