Apple Developer Program – Applying for – Part 2

Don’t expect to become a certified Apple developer overnight.  Completing step 1 takes a matter of minutes. Completing step 2 takes…. well, I can’t tell you how long it takes, because we’re still waiting.

HOW TO Create an iPhone Developer Account (IOS)

1. Register as a new Apple developer at

2. Confirm whether you are an individual or a company

When we indicated that Outskirts Press was a company registering to become an Apple Developer, we were notified that our application was under review. All developer registrations under-go a review process, and the review process for an “individual” (which is also a choice) is presumably faster than the review process for a “company” (which is the choice we selected).  Individuals, I have been told by others, are reviewed and/or approved within 1-2 days, although that estimate came before Apple development was at the state of popularity it is today, so that could be a short estimate now. 

As for our review as a company, it took Apple 7 days to send a request for more information.    In a couple hours I’ll report on the message we received from Apple and what we sent them and how long it took (is taking)…