How to link to your book on Amazon

If you don’t yet have a published book on Amazon, it’s time to get published. And if you have a book on Amazon, you probably spend a lot of time trying different online marketing tactics to send people to your book’s sales detail page.  If you don’t you should – -they’re not going to know about your book unless you tell them. And don’t just tell them about the book, send them to it.

So how do you “send” a link to a specific book on Amazon?  I often see people include long, unwieldy links that are filled with superfluous Amazon code.  Sometimes they even work.  And often, those links contain information like affiliate codes, or cookie codes that could result in the link working for you, but NOT working for someone else.  It’s best to use as clean and short of a URL (webpage address) as possible.

Amazon makes this easy.  Just follow this convention:

domain name/program name/10-digit ISBN

Amazon’s “program name” for its forwarding function is called “dp,” perhaps short for “direct point.”  So, for instance, to aim directly to Self Publishing Simplified on Amazon, which is our sample book and publishing guide, you would go to:

That’s pretty short, and much better than the longer URLs you might be using, especially if you’ve ever wanted to TWEET the location of your book on Twitter or Facebook.

Here’s an even shorter path:  — When you only have 140 characters, every character counts. Here, Amazon has taken the “dp” program and put it within its own domain name “” which shortens the URL by 5 characters. Brilliant!