Social science is not all its cracked up to be

Toward the beginning of last month I blogged about a webinar I attended by a “social media scientist” who suggested that multiple blog postings throughout the day translates to a greater number of blog visitors and better exposure for your company.

As a result, I changed my tactics on this blog for the month of April by writing 3 shorter blog postings throughout the day — one in the morning, one in the middle of the day around lunch, and one toward the afternoon. I agreed with the concept that multiple blog postings provided an opportunity to present multiple headlines, which would increase the posting’s exposure through RSS feeds and search engines. 

I just wasn’t so sure that the actual results would justify the additional time expenditure.  Each day ended up taking me twice as long to post. Sure, the postings were shorter, but as you can probably tell by the stream-of-consciousness content, it’s not the “writing” that takes me very long — it’s the mechanics involved in tagging each posting, scheduling it for a certain day at a certain time, etc.

So, did that little social science experiment work? I’ll answer that question tomorrow (which, in itself, might answer that question) with a graph of this blogs monthly stats so we can compare April with March.

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