Blogging statistics

Yesterday I introduced this graphic, which is a graph of the unique visitors to this blog since its inception on January 2010.

Contrary to my hope, April’s numbers weren’t higher, even though I was trying a new tactic of mulitple blog postings per day.  So in May, I will be posting once a day again, but multiple days in a row. Basically, I’ll take the same concept of shorter blogs more frequently that the “social scientist” suggested, and just spread them across multiple days. We’ll see if that results in a “Jump” similar to the one you see in March of 2010 and again in November of 2010.

We do a lot of “Management by Statistics” here at Outskirts Press, which means we track just about everything we can, and then analyze the results to determine tactics to continue and tactics to cease.   It’s really not that hard of a concept, but you’d be surprised how many businesses don’t do this.  Analyzing the results of this graph above tells us that two particular events occurred which lifted the overall viewers of this blog to new levels each time. One occurred in March of 2010 and another occurred in November of 2010.  I’ll discuss more about statistical management in the future…