Best Book of the Year analysis

Yesterday I showed this graphic, which is the stat of unique visitors to the Outskirts Press blog by month:

April was the month in which we opened up the voting for the Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year awards.  Part of publishing a “best book” should depend upon the author’s own marketing prowess, so once we determine the three finalists, we put their destiny in their own hands. The finalist with the marketing moxie to generate the most votes for his/her own book is declared the winner.  After all, publishing success isn’t ONLY about publishing a beautiful, well-written and well-edited work. It’s also about promoting that book after publication. 

The 3 finalists rose to the occasion. In fact, it was neck and neck between two of them throughout most of the voting period, which was April 15 – April 30.  And April 30th marked the single highest visitation day to our blog since its inception. The two finalists each received in excess of 1000 votes and when the polls closed,  a mere 110 votes separated them.

So, who won? We’ll talk about that tomorrow…