Applying for Apple Developer Certification

Good news regarding our enrollment in the Apple Development certification fiasco that I’ve been blogging about over the past several posts.  I finally spoke with a new human being at Apple.  Apparently there were two hiccups in our enrollment.

1.  The online enrollment form asked for the name under which our Apps would be published, so we entered Outskirts Press.  However, our Articles of Incorporation lists our company name as Outskirts Press, Inc.   That missing “Inc” was unacceptable, according to Apple.

2. The online enrollment form asked for our company address, which we entered as our current address. However, our Articles of Incorporation lists our company address as it was 8 years ago (you know… when the papers were filed).  Even though we’d move due to growth, that different address was unacceptable according to Apple. 

Are both these hiccups ridiculous? Of course they are.  But — and this seems to be a unique perspective for a customer to have in this day and age– Apple is entitled to run its business any way that it wants; and from their point of view, I can see the need to require an exact match between official documentation and online data input — otherwise, they have no means of verifying that someone is who they say they are online.

So, at their request, I re-enrolled from the beginning again, matching the exact information on our forms. Does that make our address inaccurate? Yes; but the nice advisor I spoke with assured me I could correct it once the enrollment was approved.   She also said she would expedite my certification.  We’ll keep you posted on what that means…