Getting your Apple Developer Certification

Okay, it was a long time coming, but once Outskirts Press was confirmed as a company in good standing by Apple through the beginning portion of their enrollment process, we were able to continue the process of actually getting our certificate. Here are the steps:

First, log-in to either or a short-cut of (which takes you to the same place).

Along the right-hand side in a section headlined “iOS Developer Program” are four choices:

  • iOS Provisioning Portal
  • iTunes Connect
  • Apple Developer Forums
  • Developer Support Center

Click on the first one, iOS Provisioning Portal, a “title” that demonstrates by its very nature that Apple is run by a bunch of IT people.  “iOS Provisioning Portal…”  Really, Apple?  Who named that?  I’ll get into the problem with such a name (and why it happens a lot in software) tomorrow on a small aside…