Approving your certificate through Apple’s Provisioning Portal

Once you have created and uploaded your CSR (which I covered in previous posts), your Provisioning Portal page will show a “Pending Issuance” status.  Wait five minutes or so and when you hit “refresh” on your browser your screen should update with an expiration date of a year from the day, a status of “Issued” and two actions you can take:

  • Download
  • Revoke

This file is a “cer” file type.  Choose download to save the distribution “cer” file to your computer.  Ta-da, you have a distribution certificate. 

Here’s perhaps the most important part of this entire series, especially if you are running into problem completing ANY of these steps:

If you’ve run into any problems during the course of completing these steps, one of the potentially easiest solutions is to use the Safari browser instead of Internet Explorer (not that Jobs would purposefully prevent his site from working on Gates’ browser or anything… naaa).