Waiting for app approval

With step one of the Apple app review process complete — which I discussed last time — we uploaded the app via the Manage Applications portion of our iTunes Connect Account. And in doing so, received the following email notification from Apple, a mere 16 minutes after the first notification:

Dear Outskirts Press,

The status for the following app has changed to Waiting For Review.

App Name: Outskirts Press Free Publishing App
App Version Number: X.XXXXX
App SKU: 01

To make changes to this app, sign in to iTunes Connect and open the Manage Your Applications module.

If you have any questions regarding your app, click Contact Us in iTunes Connect.


The iTunes Store Team

Apple apparently hasn’t learned an important fact about email marketing – people don’t read emails, they browse them.  The emails look nearly identical, and could easily be mistaken for duplicates. The only difference is that instead of “Waiting for Upload” the status is now “Waiting for Review.”

And that’s where we still are. We received that email on Tuesday, June 23.   And you’ll notice the app isn’t actually “Under Review” yet; it is “Waiting for Review.”  I suspect we will receive another notification when the review process has actually begun… and then we will be able to proceed with this topic.